Re: ‘The Knighthood’ A reliable source leaked the following conversation between the Duke and the PM as we would all like to know what the Duke thought of the idea of becoming a Knight of Australia.
The conversation went as follows.

PM: “Ahh, hello Phil, its Tony!”
Duke: “Tony who?”
PM: “Ahh, Tony Abbott, ahh, Prime Minister of Australia!”
Duke: “Who? Where?”
PM: “Ahh…”
Duke: “What? Speak up man!”
PM: “Ahh…”
Duke: “Elizabeth, there’s a crank on the phone, says he’s the Prime Minister of ‘Ahh’ somewhere!”
Liz: “Oh dear, perhaps you should hang up!”
PM: (persisting) “Ahh, how would you like to be a ahh, a Knight of Australia Phil?”
Duke: “Bloody cheek, wants me to spend a night with him in Australia”
(‘Click’ Duke hangs up the phone)
Liz: “These Australians, first Rolf, now this!”
PM’s secretary: “How did it go Prime Minister?”
PM: “Ahh, let’s just say we, Ahh, had an intimate, ahh, positive, constructive, ahh, conversation. I’d, ahh, say it’s a yes!”

Dave Clarke (‘The Wildlife’ cartoon series)