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Dave was originally approached to do maps of townships and popular regional areas for tourism purposes. This led to the drawing of several large maps, some commissioned & some purely for the love of doing them; his most recent map is the one of Australia.

This style of map evolved from David drawing 'mud maps' for the traveler interested in discovering more about the local region. His artistic, animated and humourous style of drawings proved very popular to both local and international visitors. The map of Australia involved many months of research and even more in crafting the drawings, including interesting facts and information about this vast and beautiful country.

At the age af 17, he became a station cadet (Jackeroo) and later a station hand on large properties in New South Wales before a period of dairy farming in Victoria. He was fortunate to have entered the farming scene when horses, cross cut saws & hand milking were still part of the rural way of life, before automation changed the pace of what was once a much more peaceful existence?albeit more strenuous. It was these experiences & his interrelating with the "Bush", at its more romantic stage that formed memories he would always hold dear. The call of the outback then sent him on further exploits around Australia as a contract fencer on large stations and other farms.

After an accident David was obliged to use what talents he had as a self-taught artist, and it was at this point that he was able to draw on his affinity with the country he had gotten to know so well. He soon gained a favourable reputation for his sketches and watercolour paintings - many of which have found their way all over the world.

It is with these experiences in mind, the places he visited and the sights he saw, that have inspired this artist to produce the Map of Australia, in many ways a personal and poignant journey of memories.

Davids map of Australia is hand drawn and coloured with all information handprinted (without any computer generated input) and are 100% produced and printed in Australia on high quality 180gsm gloss, A0 size paper.

His first series of five self produced maps were drawn following the coastline, from South Gippsland up to NSW, and have proved to be very popular (several reprints).
Titled the 'Gippsland Map Series' these maps include,
map 1 - South Gippsland,
map 2 - Wilson's Promontory,
map 3 - Phillip Island,
map 4 - East Gippsland and Lakes System,
map 5 - East Gippsland/South-East NSW
Dave lives at Yanakie in Victoria with his artist partner, Marianne Ruff on several acres overlooking Corner Inlet on the coast of Wilson's Promontory - the most southern area of mainland Australia.
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