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Dave & Marianne

January 2013 - moved from Yanakie to Leongatha


(circa 1980's - 1990's)

Bubble, bubble, toil for trouble,
It seeks me here, I fear it's near.
My glee to see it claimeth me,
Be it witch or be it wyvern?

It comes mistily,
Shrouded in colours; a gipsy fortune
That counts for nothing.
I understand not, but still to my ear
Only I hearů

"Death is to dying as night is to day
Morning shall cease and so shall the day
Death is to dying as night is to day
Darkness shall cease and so shall the grave"

The chant it comes to tell me news of lives worth living in other shoes.

"Find the right track - the future unfolds,
But find it not and you'll be out in the cold,
Into a vortex and sucked away,
Never to be seen after the Dying Day"

She smiled a smile and faded away,
Leaving behind the one who must stay.

Maybe other poems later ...

Dave (my partner of many years) & I live in a beautiful area of Victoria, way down south on the Wilsons Promontory Peninsula, Australia, with sea, rural & mountain views. We are both (ageing) artists with a variety of interests. Dave has produced a hand drawn Map of Australia - which has been printed - A0 poster size on 180gsm gloss paper. This is a unique map that is colourful, informative and humorous. If you love maps or collect them - this is a great map for you.
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